Land Ops Main Club (Advanced / Forum) is for those who are looking for either basic level one adventures or advanced level two operations.


Membership Dues of either $15 per year (general members) or $75 per year (advanced operators) are required for this club option.


Activity Level Descriptions;

Level - 0 (zero); Meetup site members
Who may attend? - All membership levels

These are orientations at parks and 4x4 practice sites. These meetings are essentially meet and greet opportunities. You can meet members and organizers, ask questions and get to know our people before going out to the middle of no where with them. Land Ops attracts mature outgoing adventure seekers and encourages teamwork.


Level - 1 (one);
Who may attend? - General Members & Advanced Operators
These are very fun and basic ops. They are perfect for new members to experience the Land Ops games. The activities may include recon trips (scouting for up coming ops), 5 cache ops, and 4x4 practice or training exercises.


Level - 2 (two);
Who may attend? - Advanced Operators & Special Invitations
This level usually has some assortment of advanced activities that are considered to be more challenging. This level may include ops such as; Night operations, advanced radio challenges and use of technology, night hiking, search and rescue drills, and rappelling. You are NOT required to be able to do all these things in order to be on an advanced team, but you must be approved by at least three organizers to join the advanced club.


You are NOT required to become a member at the Land Ops Meetup Club before signing up at the advanced forum site. You may sign up as a general member (annual dues required) and progress to advanced membership. Currently advancement is on a case by case basis determined by the club organizers.

If you're ready for the Land Ops experience you can go directly to the main club site and sign up.


Advanced Club
& Forum

All levels [0], [1] , [2]
Includes general membership and
advanced operators

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