Off road adventures are exciting with Land Ops, but with the added challenge of traveling by night the 4x4 driving takes off road drivers into a whole new realm.


Night Ops are 4x4 (overland) trips at night with a variety of radio, navigation and technologies being applied. Operators experience challenges that seem easy by day, but are make difficult by night.


Surefire lights shine in the night and help 4x4 drivers locate hidden geocache containers that contain team instructions.

Video Title;
Extreme Night Op
presented by SUREFIRE
(Land Ops webisode #5)


The sophisticated game play experienced during any Land Ops event is elevated to a new level when they are conducted at night.


The teams must find the objectives and fulfill their team assignments in order to complete the op.


Webisode 5 combines the Land Ops nav-comm tasks with a night hike and rappelling exercise

Video Title;
June 2014 Night Op

The teams set up their own mountain top radio repeater for communications throughout the valley as well as their own digipeater used to relay the APRS data beaconing from multiple vehicles. Net command choreographs the movements of both teams. At their final destination they perform a midnight rappelling exercise.

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